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About us

ACHINT-GOELThe TRACKERS is the immigration and education consulting company. Established in 2008, Trackers made a deliberate foray into immigration consulting for four countries i.e. Canada, Australia, UK & New-Zealand & STUDENT VISAS for UK, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Singapore, Georgia (Europe) for providing a wider and unbiased perspective to our clients because each individual’s goal is unique. Our pragmatic approach has been appreciated and our reputation is built on trust, resourcefulness, integrity, and years of experience. WE SUCCESSFULLY STAMPED MORE THAN 13000 VISAS…

We at TRACKERS firmly believe that immigration may be the most important decision an individual makes in his/her life Relocation to another country takes courage and the decision is ridden with fear and anxiety of the unknown and good advice can make difference between success and failure. Even the procedure itself is complicated and can be very expensive if not followed correctly. With trackers as your consulting partner, your decision is based upon valuable pertinent information that assured success.

Trackers stay update with the immigration procedure and policy, which are complex and change frequently. our strength is in our team of multi-disciplined, professional consultants who are meticulous and success-oriented.

Our education division has assisted thousands of students in research and various other programs of their interest in reputed universities and colleges across the globe.

At The Trackers we believe that studying abroad is a huge investment and thus it is important that every student gets accurate and well-researched advice so that he/she is successful in fulfilling his/her long-term career goals.

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