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Hardware & software

Module Content Topic
Windows Operating system
  • Introduction to Windows XP
  • Handling Files and Folders with Windows XP
  • More on Desktop
  • Organizing Files and Folders in Windows XP
  • Tools in Windows XP
  • About Windows Desktop
  • Finding files and folders
  • More on Desktop
  • Wallpapers, Windows Explorer screen.
  • Switching between windows.
  • Saving a file, Saving Changes
Microsoft Word
  • Word Processing
  • Working with Documents
  • Document formatting in word
  • Cut, Copy and Paste techniques in Ms-Word
  • Clip Art with Word
  • Multi Page documents with word
  • The Drawing toolbar and its uses
  • How to design a form with Microsoft word
  • Features of Word Processing
  • Parts of word screen
  • Getting started with word processing
  • Parts of word screen.
  • Saving a document
  • Highlighting techniques
  • Spelling and Grammar Checking
  • Formatting a text, Paragraph etc.
  • Setting Tab stops
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