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Personality Development Course

p005_1_00 Many of us wonder if Personality development is possible considering the fact that many personality theories suggest that we are born with our personalities.

Personality is our psychological behavior that affects the way handle people around us and the situations we encounter in life. You hear the term; he has a cool personality or he has a high temper personality. Both descriptions attempt to describe the person’s interaction with people and situations.
In order to decide on the best way for personality development is to understand what determines our personality in general.

Our Personality is decided by three main factors:

  • IELTS coaching is also provided.
  • Spoken English & Personality development coaching classes.
  • The Situation we handle.

Let’s us drill down a little bit.

Heredity of our genes refers to how we were born. The genes we inherit from our biological parents play a big role in our personality and our personality development. Our physical facial attraction, gender, muscle, reflexes, energy levels, hair are all decided in the chromosomes of our genes.

Our Environment

It is not surprising that the cultures that we grow within play a big role in our personality and personality development. Think of yourself as an example. If you grow in a religion related culture, your principles in life would be different to a person who grows up in an non-religious culture. Your principles, ideology and way of dealing with other might follow what your religion teaches you. You would also notice a certain behavior associated with certain cultures and nationalitie

The Situation we handle

The above two factors of our personality equation might give “stereo typing” people a breathing space. However, it is not meant to should they consider the third factor in our personality development; the situation we handle. This is because no matter what is the culture you were raised within and the genes you have, you personality development can improve if you handle the situation in a well educated manner. By this we mean that no matter who you are, you can be trained to handle the same situation in the same way that another person who has different genes and cultural background handles the same situation.

and we here at THE TRACKERS provide you the best environment and atmosphere to groom your personality in the best possible way.

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