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DO students need to attend online classes or not to study abroad? First of all, this topic, there is already a part of misconception or misunderstanding inside the market and VISA Agents or consultants are not providing the right information regarding the ONLINE CLASSES.

So we just want to provide the filtered and correct information so that all of you can decide what to do or what not to do.

Students who have already received their VISAs and are also allowed to travel to their specified countries but the REAL problem arises when VISA Officer asks questions on then the students are not able to answer the questions arisen by VISA OFFICER.

Then one thing that a student can do is to get the supporting letter from the college and also make sure that on your supporting letter it is mentioned that you will ATTEND THE CLASSES ON CAMPUS.

This may be because you have taken some courses which require the availability of some LABS for Experiment (Generally for NON-Medical or Medical Courses)

If this is mentioned in your supporting letter then NO VISA OFFICER can ask you any further queries.

If you have taken some Business or Computer Courses then you must ATTEND THE ONLINE CLASSES before you flew to the campuses and if you are not taking any ONLINE CLASSES and just Deferring the INTAKE, Then your VISA OFFICER will ask you the reason why you had not attended the ONLINE Classes.

Then it will become a problem for you so please take your decision wisely.

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