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CAQ Suspension Update

CAQ Suspension Updates | THE TRACKERS

On the 31 December, Quebec Government of Canada has announced Suspension on the CAQ of Top 10 Famous colleges of Canada, while other due this news NEW YEAR became the big shock for most of the students and it’s announced that the students whose files are applied but whose results are pending but THE TRACKERS take an initiative and guided the students with the authentic and latest information unless other Immigration Lawyers who have tried to misguided the students.

We have requested students to please wait for some time and don’t be in a hurry to change the college or fee-refund where most of the agents were asking about fee refund or college change but we have motivated students to have patience and wait.

We have also broken the myth that PPR is still coming even after CAQ Suspension and shown our results in the video that you can watch here

On the festival of Lohri the most relaxing news for students as we were saying in our videos on Youtube, Facebook & Instagram Suspension on three colleges CEGEP, Canada College & CDI Colleges out of the 10 colleges were uplifted.

On the 13th of January where students were worried about the Canada VISA during this difficult time, we have received 2 Canada VISA. You can watch our LIVE Video here

And on the 14th of January, we have received  2 Canada VISA again. Because our main motive of posting the content and making the videos is we want to connect with students emotionally and help them with the right information.

With the GOD Grace and your support, Today on 18 January, we have received 4 CAQ Approvals for our students even after the CAQ Suspension. We have also broken this myth.

You can watch our LIVE Video here.

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