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How to A Select Right VISA Consultant For Canada | THE TRACKERS

Choosing the right visa consultant for Canada study visa is really critical and moreover trusting the consultant for Canada who has no experience and results for the same is not a wise decision.


For choosing a consultant for Canada, you should have a clear understanding of the full process to apply for Canada.


Please watch the detailed Step-By-Step guide on How to Study in Canada? 


After watching this video, you will have a good idea of the is the process of Canada visa process.


Then you have to carefully choose the visa consultant for Canada and care about all the points mentioned below-

  1. He or She has good knowledge about the Canada visa process.
  2. He or She must have a good track record of his successful visa.
  3. He or She must goodwill in the market and has a good experience.

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CAQ Suspension Update

CAQ Suspension Updates | THE TRACKERS

On the 31 December, Quebec Government of Canada has announced Suspension on the CAQ of Top 10 Famous colleges of Canada, while other due this news NEW YEAR became the big shock for most of the students and it’s announced that the students whose files are applied but whose results are pending but THE TRACKERS take an initiative and guided the students with the authentic and latest information unless other Immigration Lawyers who have tried to misguided the students.

We have requested students to please wait for some time and don’t be in a hurry to change the college or fee-refund where most of the agents were asking about fee refund or college change but we have motivated students to have patience and wait.

We have also broken the myth that PPR is still coming even after CAQ Suspension and shown our results in the video that you can watch here

On the festival of Lohri the most relaxing news for students as we were saying in our videos on Youtube, Facebook & Instagram Suspension on three colleges CEGEP, Canada College & CDI Colleges out of the 10 colleges were uplifted.

On the 13th of January where students were worried about the Canada VISA during this difficult time, we have received 2 Canada VISA. You can watch our LIVE Video here

And on the 14th of January, we have received  2 Canada VISA again. Because our main motive of posting the content and making the videos is we want to connect with students emotionally and help them with the right information.

With the GOD Grace and your support, Today on 18 January, we have received 4 CAQ Approvals for our students even after the CAQ Suspension. We have also broken this myth.

You can watch our LIVE Video here.

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Why Quebec Govt. Suspended CAQ for 10 famous colleges?

Few important things to know about Montreal | THE TRACKERS


In the last few days, the government of Canada has declared suspension on the Quebec CAQ until 31 March 2021. But most of the students does not have the right information regarding the CAQ Update. So to clarify most of the misconceptions of the students and controversy spread in the market.


Please watch the video – Why Quebec Govt. Suspended CAQ for 10 famous colleges?



And most of the students are also worried about what should be their next step while Canada government has recently taken a decision on CAQ suspension.


Mr. Achint Goel has tried his best to address most of the problems and doubts of students.


Their main concerns are –

  1.  Do students need to wait till the decision?
  2. Do students need to apply for a refund of their college fees?
  3. Do students need to Change their college immediately?

To solve all their issues, then you can watch our latest video on youtube here


If you still face any other problem or you have any doubts regarding your case, you can contact our Experts on 84374-84374.


Canada is always being the first option to study abroad for aspiring abroad here are some reasons.

Watch here What Mr. Achint Goel has to say about study in Montreal.

Reasons Why, Montreal is the best option to Study in Montreal (Canada) 2021

  • Affordability

Most of the students who are not from a financially good background, Montreal can be a good option for them to study in Montreal (Canada).

  • Population

Quebec is still having less population as per the suitable land available. Canada itself is an emerging economy. That is the reason, especially Montreal or Quebec can accommodate enough population.

This is will be the best option available in the low-budget.

  • Higher Chances of Getting PR

As we know that most of the students want to study in Canada because in future they wanted to be the permanent resident. And most of the students who study in Ontario and other provinces have to face tough competition to get PR because the availability of PR is too less as compared to the student.

In this case, Montreal has a good opportunity available because it’s still developing 

and a lot of available space.

  • World-Class Institutions

Montreal also has a lot of good institutions which have high QS World ranking and top ranking in Canada. This will help students to lure cream students who want to study in world-class institutions for good academic as well as a professional career.

  • Dynamic Culture 

Because Montreal is becoming the center of attraction for all students. It’s not easy to get bored in Greater Montreal. Whether you enjoy music, art, plays, sport, nature or other things, a good number of activities and events are organized year-round in the city. With some 120 festivals a year, Montréal stands out as a real dynamic cultural hub for students from all around the world.

  • International City

With 23% of the population foreign-born, Greater Montreal has over 120 cultural communities from every continent. What’s more, 55% of the population is bilingual (English and French) and nearly 20% speak three languages or more. As a result, the city is known for being very open to the world.

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